Net neutrality is how the Internet got the world wide web, blogs, YouTube, google, twitter, facebook, etc., and is the only way it will keep them and produce even better applications, protocols, and social media. The Internet is not cable TV; participation is everything.

John S. Quarterman started the first Internet-only newsletter in 1991, and hasn’t stopped yet.

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  1. Ziebart

    Congress does indeed need to have hingears on NSA policies, and the public needs to be better informed about the unclassified details of these surveillance programs. We must have a national debate about the balance between security and privacy, and how best to execute the proper balance. However, secrecy must be maintained when it comes to certain critical information. Secrecy about detailed intelligence information, data collection activities, and the laws protecting secret information were established to keep our citizens safe and to enable the U.S. to operate effectively on the global stage. Secrecy and intelligence activities are the harsh reality of living in today’s world. Snowden broke these U.S. laws, deliberately revealing secret information he was entrusted with, and he’s already caused the country great harm in our conduct of foreign relations. He needs to be brought to justice for his crimes. I’ve supported Bold Progressives on most progressive issues, but I believe your organization is wrong on this issue in your unwavering support of Snowden and I can’t in good conscience contribute to your fundraising effort for his legal defense. He needs to be brought back to the U.S. and be tried for his crimes. We are a nation of laws. If some laws appear to be unjust or unwarranted, then we need to change those laws not violate them and precipitate international crises or diplomatic difficulties in our dealings with other nations.

  2. John S. Quarterman Post author

    Maybe you’re confused about who’s who: I’m not raising funds for anybody.
    However, I do support Snowden.
    You assert Snowden has “already caused the country great harm in our conduct of foreign relations”.
    Evidence, please.
    And yes, indeed, we should change those laws, which is now at least being talked about because of Snowden.


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