U.S. Presidential Candidates per WCA

The Wireless Communications Association International (WCA) has put up a website it says is:
…the authoritative go-to resource for comments by – and comparisons between – top U.S. policymakers regarding the pace and benefits of broadband deployments. The ongoing U.S. Presidential election campaign already features the policy positions of the candidates. Broadband services play a vital role in a host of areas in both the North American and world economies. These much-sought benefits go beyond consumer desires to include community economic development in rural and urban regions, plus critical applications in education, public safety, military preparedness and disaster response.

WCA Thought-Leaders Forum: U.S. Presidential Candidates Debate Broadband, accessed 13 June 2007

It’s somewhat unfortunate that it’s phrased as Broadband, not Internet policy, but given the membership of WCA, that’s understandable. I can’t tell at first glance how thorough it is. They ask for comments.