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RIAA, Radio Star

As we’ve seen, RIAA has been pushing for Internet Radio DRM, limitations to the Fair Use Act, and apparently elimination of Internet radio. This may seem counter-productive. Doesn’t the Recording Industry Association of America want to promote its recording artists? And isn’t radio a traditional way of doing that? And doesn’t Internet radio provide even wider reach of marketing for RIAA’s artists’ products?

Well, not really:

The answer is sales. The RIAA isn’t pushing for every artist, it’s pushing a few select products. One star selling a million records is worth a lot more than one hundred stars selling ten thousand records each, even if the end numbers seem to tally up the same.

Can you hear me now? by Brett Thomas, bit-tech.net, Published: 21st April 2007

In other words, apparently RIAA is pushing the fat head and doesn’t care about the long tail; much less about participation. Continue reading