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ABC News Covers Net Neutrality

byline_abcnews.gif Well, not really. ABC News marvels that “tech-savvy Americans,” bless their little hearts, can drive news:
Newspapers and magazines won’t be the only media outlets endorsing presidential candidates this election cycle.

Popular tech blog TechCrunch will make its own picks for president, giving its opinionated readership a voice on policy issues close to tech-savvy Americans’ hearts.

Starting today, TechCrunch, which is read by more than 400,000 people monthly according to Nielsen/NetRatings, will allow readers to vote on its site for a Republican and a Democratic presidential candidate based on the candidate’s stance on issues such as net neutrality and ID theft.

Tech Blog to Endorse Presidential Candidates, TechCrunch Gets ’08 Contenders to Come Clean on Net Neutrality, ID Theft (HTML head title: ABC News: Which ’08 Candidate Will Get the Tech Vote?) By ASHLEY PHILLIPS ABC News, Dec. 19, 2007

A circulation of 400,000 puts TechCrunch in the range of big-league newspapers; there are only 27 in the U.S. with larger circulation. And that’s what the story is really about: Continue reading