Content Protect v. Internet Freedom

content_protection.png Here’s another view of what the telcos and cablecos have in mind for us, or, rather, what they want in our minds: approved content. This is substantially different from the Internet freedom we have today to look at whatever we want to and to publish our own content.


AT&T Inc. has joined Hollywood studios and recording companies in trying to keep pirated films, music and other content off its network — the first major carrier of Internet traffic to do so.
Get ready for the Amazon Channel or settle for Internet Base Service.

Meanwhile, Internet radio is being strongarmed into accepting DRM (Digital Rights Management), which is the specific sort of content protection system xkcd is commenting on.

The current U.S. administration is even trying to dragoon higher education institutions into enforcing content protection for Hollywood.

And AT&T has already censored Pearl Jam and other bands for political content.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government does nothing to stop this whittling away of Internet freedom, except waiting for Godot “market failure”.

It’s a good thing there are some people fighting for Internet freedom.